Accompanying Person’s Program

Greetings from India!

We look forward to your visit to India. We have organized an excellent program for you, while your spouse/ partner busy attending scientific program. The program will provide you with a glimpse of Indian traditions and culture, while giving plenty of opportunity to enjoy Mahabalipuram.

We hope that you will have enriching experiences during your stay in India : Rhythm amongst chaos, calmness amongst clamor, harmony amongst diversity.

Please find the attached program for accompanying person. Please note we have “Indian Night Dinner” on 9th evening and we request you to bring Indian attire if possible. You will also have chance to purchase them here as well.

Download Accompanying Person’s Program


Dr. Jyotsna Murthy
Cleft Congress 2017


Prof. Roopa Nagarajan
Organizing Secretary
Cleft Congress 2017